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🎉New year 2022🎊 : Rodrigue OUSSOU, president of the Association of Daughters and Sons of HOUSSOU, OUSSOU, WUSSU and WOUSSOU Families, sends an important message to all African youth

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« In the early hours of this new year which marks the end of a previous one that we have seen filled with happy and unhappy events, allow me to remind all my sisters and all my brothers of the urgency of major reflections and innovations on the treatment contextvalues ​​that are granted to us, according to our membership in a society, a community or another.

Let us raise our arms for a fight for prosperity and admiration, the one that will make our generation, the one which, far from correcting the errors of past generations, will, at least, be able to improve or perfect the view that the international community has on African youth in general and the Beninese one in particular.All actors of civil society and politics, especially those who, today, belong to our generation, will have to seize the opportunity of 2022 for a strong section to activate the potentials that we all hold.

Long live youth 20 and 22
Long live generation 20 and 22
Happy new year 2022

Rodrigue HoundjĂš OUSSOU
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