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TOGO: Criminals in possession of bag containing heads of women and children arrested on Tuesday

Une image des auteurs du crime
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Early in the morning of this Tuesday, October 05th, 2021 in the canton of Aklakou, more precisely in the village of Klevé (Lakes 2 town), individuals with questionable attitudes suspected by well-informed people were caught in the hand in the bags in possession of a bag full of human heads.

Four in number, they were preparing to cross the said village incognito, for an undisclosed destination, when they were apprehended by the brave men of the locality who automatically alerted the surrounding population. Unwrapped, and laid bare, the bag contained several heads of women and children they allegedly murdered hours earlier, according to Telegramme228.
Under control, they have been entrusted to the gendarmerie which opened an investigation.

A picture of the arrested criminals

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