INNOVATION: A Nigerian of 67 years old invents the water stove


While the worry grows more and more with the advent of the increase in the selling price of domestic gas, a talented Nigerian has come up with an alternative through a remarkable innovation : the water cooker.INNOVATION: A Nigerian of 67 years old invents the water stove

A 67 years old man invented a cooker that doesn’t require gas or kerosene: just water. His secret to making fire 🔥, the stove combines water and air pressure. A concept as innovative as it is surprising. A demonstration successfully proven and published through an abundantly distilled video on social networks.

Currently, he is seeking support from relevant institutions, to ensure that the innovation is mass-produced, so that it is accessible to the whole continent. Clearly, he seeks help from the competent institutions to patent his innovation.

« I wish relevant institutions and organizations can support the patenting of the mass production project to help people in need without them being able to buy kerosene or gas to cook their food, just with water, » declared the inventor.

To be continued…

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