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Health / DENGUE disease : Knowing it better to protect oneself

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A viral disease transmitted by the mosquito bite, Dengue is a disease that is currently prevalent in Benin and in other countries of the west african region.

Responsible for epidemics in tropical areas, it is an infection caused by a virus transmitted by a variety of mosquitoes, the most frequent and most widespread viral infections transmitted by arthropods.

According to experts, Dr. Christian Tohouénou, the president of the Patriote Family Association supported by Dr. Noah Fèmi Agbaffa (CEO of OlaTechnology), dengue fever is most often benign.
Severity varies widely among individuals, ranging from completely symptom-free forms to severe forms that can induce the death. The so-called « classic dengue » form is the most common form of symptomatic infection with a dengue virus.
Indeed, the bite of the contaminated mosquito causes the virus to enter the bloodstream. It will take an average of six (06) days, before the first signs will be shown.
These signs are:
-A fever that will last up to 2 to 7 days and reaches 39° C
-Severe head pain.
-Joint pain in muscles, joints that make walking and other movements very difficult.
-Intense fatigue
-Pain noted during eye movements
-sometimes abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting can lead to dehydration.
With some patients, Dengue disease may be more severe with signs of hemorrhage of all forms. These forms are for exemples, bleeding in the mouth, the appearance of small red patches under the skin called petechiae, at the back of the chest.


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