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DRAMA / Arrested and placed on the violin for a control : A former footballer dies of an asthma attack in a police station

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Drama in a police station in the city of Djougou, Benin Republic. While he had gone to buy food with a motorcycle but without his identity document, Alphonse T., a former footballer for the « Panthères team » in Djougou was killed a few hours after being put on the violin, after he has been arrested by police officers on a night patrol. The tragedy occurred on the night of Friday 8th to Saturday October 9th 2021, at the Djougou police station, Banouto reports.

After he was driven, he and his motorbike into the police station, Alphonse T. would have repeatedly begged the police to allow him to come in and come back the next day with his identity document which he had not kept on him, because it was out of date. He would also have let them know that he is in pain. And that he should go home to pick up his medicine. But the police did not want to hear it with one ear because, without a check the next day to certify that the motorcycle he was riding belongs to him, there was no question of releasing.

But unfortunately, he had a fit a few hours later, and died. It was long after the police made the report and rushed him to a health center. But unfortunately ! Alphonse T. had already left, said the doctor.

To be continued…

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