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Double murderous jihadist attacks against Benin : Concerned, the Party for the Engagement and the Succession (PER) of Dr Nathanaël Koty condemns the act and shows solidarity with the Benin people and its army

Doctor Nathanaël KOTY, the honorary president of PER
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After the official announcement by the General Staff of the Beninese Armed Forces of the murderous attacks perpetrated by jihadists in the border regions of our country, the Party for Engagement and Relief (PER) immediately called an emergency meeting of its National Policy Office, this Friday, December 3rd, 2021 at its national headquarters in Atrokpocodji, in order to analyze this worrying situation which concerns all Beninese. Said crisis meeting required by the seriousness of this headline news, was attended by the honorary president of PER Nathanaël KOTY, as well as all the others who are members of its governing body.

Doctor Nathanaël KOTY, the honorary president of PER
At the start of the session, a minute’s silence was observed in memory of our valiant soldiers who fell on the battlefield, weapons in hand.
According to the official statement made public by the General Staff of the Beninese Armed Forces, these jihadist attacks took place on Tuesday, November 30th in the town of Mékrou Yinyin commune of Banikoara in the Alibori and on the night of December 1rst to 2nd, 2021, in Porga in the municipality of Equipment in the Atacora.

Unfortunately, this escalation of violence plotted against the enemies of our country, saw agents of the security and defense forces of the Beninese army in a position of surveillance of the border zone, taken to task by these outlaws. This incredible brutality resulted in a heavy toll for the Beninese side : 2 dead and several injured. Last I heard, three neutralized bodies of assailants in the enemy camp have been found.These extremely serious facts caught the attention of all the members of the Political Office of the PER who, first of all, expressed their compassion for our brothers in arms tragically disappeared in this unjustified assault on our country, Benin.
Taking the opportunity of this meeting, they offered their sincere condolences to all the peaceful people of Benin, to the armed forces of Benin, to the parents and relatives of the illustrious disappeared. All PER militants bow to this ultimate sacrifice of our brothers who have fallen on the battlefield and salute their memory.

At the terms of their exchanges, the members of the Political Office of the PER appreciate at their fair value, all the measures already taken by the authorities and the Beninese armed forces aimed at reassuring the populations as to the rapid control of the situation, as well as to strengthen the security of our country to protect it from further attacks.

While keeping the hope that in this new ordeal against Benin, our people will once again triumph over the forces of evil, they thank the authorities of Benin for all the efforts already made and hope that the capacities of the Armed Forces of Benin will be further strengthened into prevent this savage form of violent extremism.

Long live to Benin !
Long live to the Beninese Armed Forces !
Long live to the PER !

Dr Nathanaël KOTY

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