« Kpanman » or beef skin: This is why the government of 🇳🇬 Nigeria wants to ban its consumption


The plates of Nigerian citizens soon deprived of the « kpanman »?

The federal government of Nigeria says it is putting in place legislation that will soon ban the consumption of beef skin (kpanman). According to Muhammad Yakubu, General Director of the Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology (NILEST), the consumption of oxhide is partly responsible for the current comatose state of tanneries in Nigeria, and the decline of the industry.

According to him, it is urgent to save the leather industry and strengthen the country’s economy. And already, the institute has approached the national assembly and state governments to introduce legislation banning the consumption of beef skin, which, it says has a very little nutritional value.

Loth Wusu, Director of La TempĂȘte Infos

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