Discarded from the Manchester United team: Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to his team leaders and his fans (Impressive!)


According to British media, the Portuguese (37 years old), will not be in the group travelling to London to challenge Chelsea this Saturday, October 22nd. The reason would be the inappropriate behavior of the Portuguese, who left Old Trafford before the end of the match on Wednesday evening against Tottenham (victory 2-0), because he was probably frustrated for haven’t been in the game. « The remaining of the team is focused on preparing for the next game, » said the club in a statement.

In response to this decision by its bosses, the fivefold Golden Ball sends a strong message. Read instead.

As I’ve always done throughout my career, I try to live and play respectfully towards my colleagues, my adversaries and my coaches. That hasn’t changed. I haven’t changed. I’m the same person and the same professional that I’ve been for the last 20 years playing elite football, and respect has always played a very important role in my decision making process.

I started very young, the older and most experienced players examples were always very important to me. Therefore, later on, I’ve always tried to set the example myself for the youngsters that grew in all the teams that I’ve represented. Unfortunately that’s not always possible and sometimes the heat of the moment get’s the best of us.

Right now, I just feel that I have to keep working hard in Carrington, support my teammates and be ready for everything in any given game. Giving in to the pressure is not an option. It never was. This is Manchester United, and united we must stand. Soon we’ll be together again. 💪🏽🙏🏽

✍🏾Loth HOUSSOU, for La Tempête Infos

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