CORONAVIRUS: 18 patients already cured out of the 35 cases in Benin (Isolation centers are increased to five)

Good news for a great oif of relief to the Benin people. Consistent sources have led to new cases of recovery in people with Coronavirus, apart from the other five (05) known for several days.

This Tuesday, April 14th, 2020, these patients in the care of Cotonou have just increased to 18, the number of people cured out of the 35 cases of Coronavirus in Benin. On the counter now, as of today, 16 patients are still under treatment and 01 death. It is enough to reassure that the therapy started by the technical and sanitary plateau is resolutely underway in the isolation centers in Cotonou, to boost the Covid-19 outside the country.

In other news, the committee monitoring the pandemic headed by the President of the Republic decided to multiply and relocate the isolation centers of potential Coronavirus patients. This is to enable those affected in other areas outside Cotonou to receive adequate treatment on time. Then, there are two (02) centers in Cotonou, two (02) new ones in the north and one (01) isolation centre in the Allada-Toffo-Zè health zone.

As a reminder, a large batch of sanitary equipment and several thousand masks were received a few days ago and then returned to the isolation centers. Launched on March 30th, the sanitary cordon has been extended until April 27th 2020, with the vision of limiting the spread of Coronavirus in the territory.

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