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Cameroon : “Trace Africa’’ interrupted and replaced by ‘’DBM TV’’

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“Trace Africa’’ interrupted and replaced by ‘’DBM TV’’
Published on July 26th, 2019 at 4:22 P.M

In Cameroon, a bilingual country in Central Africa with a population about 25 millions, an important decision has been making the big actors and showbiz snags talk a month ago: the interruption of the french musical channel « TRACE AFRICA » distribution, by cable-operators.
Thus, since the end of June 2019, there is no trace of that french channel on the screens of the thousands of consumers and players of this country which is experiencing a meteoric rise in African showbiz.

And to better satisfy their compatriots, a solution that is already welcome makes them applaud: the distribution of the pan-African channel DBM TV in households to fill the void better.

According to the Cameroonian news website www.afriquepremiere.net, this decision by Cameroonian cable-operators is due to a disagreement between Canal+ officials who have cut the DBM TV (Digital Black Music TV) channel from their network.
It is therefore a real « revenge » on the part of the Cameroonian authorities, to further raise the pan-African music channel that has been the pride of the continent, since its creation in June 2017.

Indeed, while CANAL+ mentions a lack of audience of the DBM TV channel, a false alibi to break its contract with the channel directed by the compatriot Kodjo Houngbémè, another sources instead reveal an exclusive contract signed between CANAL+ and Trace Africa. A veiled agreement between two French promoters, to remove the potential competitor DBM TV from the CANAL+ network.
Yet today, outside of Africa, DBM TV is being followed all over the world, after the creation of the channel’s mobile application downloadable on Play Store and on App Store.

Better yet, other steps are being made to ensure that, stronger than yesterday, DBM TV takes the number one position of the music channels followed, in each country of Africa.

We’ll be back.