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BENIN / After their respective sentences of 10 years and 20 years firm : The Party for the Engagement and the Succession of Dr Nathanaël Koty implores the clemency of President Talon, for the release of Joël Aïvo and Reckya Madougou

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In Benin, the last two famous trials underway at the Court for the Repression of Economic Infractions and Terrorism (Creit) which resulted in the respective sentences of 10 years and 20 years of firm imprisonment of the professor of constitutional law Joël Aïvo and the former minister of the justice of the late regime, Rekya Madougou, continues to react.

Honorary President of the Party for Engagement and Succession (PES) failed in the municipal elections of 2020 and the presidential election of 2021, Doctor Nathanaël KOTY (Commander of the National Order of Benin) and the governing bodies of his party invite, through a press release, the Beninese people unto the calm and serenity. While giving himself up to his indulgence, he implores the clemency of President Patrice Talon so that he uses his exceptional prerogatives conferred on him by the Beninese Constitution, for the release of Joël Aïvo and Reckya Madougou, without forgetting their respective co-defendants.
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Dr Nathanaël Koty, Honorary President of the Party for the Engagement and the Succession (PES)


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The Party for Engagement and Succession (PES), since its creation and its official recognition as a legally constituted political formation, has always remained faithful and attached to its credo, that of participating in a peaceful animation of the political life of our country. This has always been reflected in his willingness to work for the predominance of the culture of peace and dialogue, over all the inclinations of division observed on major political occasions in our country, Benin.

It is in the name of this commitment that since the various vicissitudes of the electoral crisis following the presidential election in April 2021, the Party for Engagement and Succession (PES), has refrained from taking a position on the waves arrests of certain political actors, including the professor Frédéric Joël AIVO and the failed candidate of the « Democrats » party, Reckya MADOUGOU. Scrupulously trusting the judicial institutions of our country, the PER has adopted the mode of conduct of letting justice play its full role and deliver its verdict.

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Consequently, he followed with great attention the whole procedure which led to the conviction of our two compatriots, Professor Joël AIVO and Reckya MADOUGOU to terms of criminal imprisonment of 10 years and 20 years respectively. After this legal episode where national and international opinion are now defined on the fate of our two compatriots, it is the duty of any peacemaker, to seek and propose ways and means likely to consider the prospects of a relaxation of the socio-political climate in Benin.

It is for this reason that the Party for Engagement and Succession (PES) and its Honorary President Nathanaël KOTY, through this press release, call for the elevation of spirit of all Beninese for safeguarding and perpetuating the climate of peace and national harmony, pledge of harmonious cohabitation and living together based on mutual respect, acceptance and appreciation.

While inviting the Beninese people to calm and serenity, the PES relies on the indulgence of the Head of State, whose clemency he begs for, so that he uses the exceptional prerogatives conferred on him by the Beninese Constitution to the release of our two compatriots. The PES firmly believes in the magnanimity of His Excellency President Patrice TALON who, in his capacity as Father of the Nation and Prime Magistrate of Benin, reserved a favorable listening to this complaint addressed to him, with all the respect due to his sound.

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Already, the PES and all its activists wish to express to him his feelings of deep gratitude for all the initiatives of clemency and forgiveness that he will take for this purpose, in order to allow our compatriots to rediscover the warmth of their domestic family.

It is our country that will emerge more than grown.

Long live Benin!
Long live the PES !

Signed, Honorary President of the PES/PER,

Doctor Nathanaël KOTY

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